Regular Maintenance

Air Conditioning Service

We recommend your air-conditioning system is serviced every two years to make sure it’s running at maximum efficiency.

Our Technicians will top-up the gas in the system as well as perform a detailed inspection of the air conditioning unit.

Between services an air-conditioning refresh is also available. This ultrasonic treatment disinfects any microbial, fungal and bacterial particles, so the air in your car is as pure as it should be.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture over time, reducing the temperature at which the fluid boils. This could result in increased stopping distances, reduced braking efficiency and even brake failure.

We will be able to advise you on when your brake fluid should be checked and changed

Transmission Fluid

Your vehicle transmission fluid acts as both a lubricant and coolant to your transmission system. Wear and tear breaks down the viscosity of transmission fluid, making it less effective and potentially causing damage to other components.

To make sure your gear changes remain seamless, your transmission fluid should be changed according to your service schedule.

General Diagnostic Investigation

If you have a concern with your vehicle’s our technicians will carry out an initial diagnostic investigation.

Our highly trained  technicians use our most advanced diagnostic equipment to carry out the initial investigation.

We will then contact you to discuss the next steps which will either be a firm quotation for the repair, or for more complex issues, an estimate for additional diagnosis.


Your vehicle tyres are vital for acceleration, steering and braking, and are key factors in fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions. Even tyres with the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm take longer to stop than brand new ones.

To help maintain your safety,  Trained Technicians can check the tread depth, pressure, appearance and condition of your tyres at any time.

Motorcare offers a range of premium tyres at competitive prices.